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If you’re looking for high-quality adult content, Adult Time is one of the best options for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast devices. We recommend Adult Time for these reasons:

Roku – Although private channels were removed from Roku, you can stream Adult Time on your Roku by mirroring the screen from your Android or iOS device following the instructions below. Unlike many other adult websites, Adult Time is easy to navigate while mirroring on Roku, and Adult Time videos allow you to switch to full-screen mode, so the video will fill your TV screen just like it would if you were streaming in a Roku channel.

Fire TV – Adult Time is one of the few quality adult streaming services with its own Fire TV app. The Adult Time app lets you access the adult streaming video service like any other Fire TV app without needing to use a browser. If you use Fire TV, you can browse and view all that Adult Time has to offer using a native app instead of navigating on your mobile device. Instructions of installing Adult Time on Fire TV are provided below.

Chromecast – Adult Time is Chromecast-enabled. No need to mirror from your mobile device – just click the “cast” button on the Adult Time website to cast your selected video to your Chromecast device and watch full screen.

Content  The Adult Time Fire TV app provides subscribers with over 55,000 videos on more than 300 channels, and you get all of the same hot content whether you’re mirroring on Roku or streaming in the Fire TV app. Content includes original films, shows, specials, and series.

While “channels” is the term used by Adult Time, it may be a bit misleading as Adult Time channels are not linear streams like a traditional TV channel. Rather, each channel provides video on demand based on the channel’s topic or series. You’ll find a very large range of porn in the 250+ channels in the Adult Time Fire TV app, with just a few examples listed here:

  • Adult Time Animation – You’ll find episodes of Hentai Sex School along with several other anime titles, along with cartoons such as Peepood & The Super Fuck Friends.
  • 65 Inch Huge Asses – Videos featuring BBWs include squirter Minnie Mayhem, “Bella Bangz and Her Curves that Hangz”, and “Sinful Samia Sodomized.”
  • Pure Taboo – This channel includes family role-playing titles like “Mom’s Helping Hand,” where Mom helps her teenage son pleasure himself.
  • Caught Fapping – These videos feature storylines in which the characters think they are enjoying alone time, but someone is watching. In “Motherly Concern,” Alex is too busy jerking off to a steamy video on his computer to notice his stepmother bringing his laundry to his room.
  • Bare Maidens – Fans of fantasy cosplay will enjoy lovely maidens such as the “Keeper of the Brean Blade” bare all and masturbate.

If you’re looking for something more specific than the channel names provide, you can also browse the Adult Time video by category. There are over 300 categories, from 69 to XBIZ Awards Winner, including Anal Creampie, Cum Swapping, Double Penetration, Gonzo, Grandpa, Masturbation, and P.O.V.

We could provide more examples of the great content available on Adult Time, but you can see for yourself by visiting the Adult Time website and browsing the entire video library yourself. You can also watch free trailers for all of the videos. If you’re try-before-you-buy using the Adult Time app on your Fire TV,  follow the instructions below and select “skip” when presented with an account-linking code after launching the app.

How to stream Adult Time on Roku

You can stream Adult Time on your Roku by mirroring the screen from your Android or iOS device. Complete details can be found here, but we provide a summary below:

  1. Enable the screen mirroring feature on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Select the Roku device you want to mirror to. (Your mobile device and your Roku must both be on the same WiFi network.)
  3. Go to the Adult Time website on your mobile device.
  4. Start streaming any video or preview on the Adult Time website, then click the icon to expand the video to full screen in the lower right corner of the video.
  5. The video playing on your mobile device will now be streaming full-screen on your TV.

How to get Adult Time on your Fire TV

Setting up the Adult Time app on your Fire TV is simple:

  1. Click here to visit Adult Time if you want to subscribe to a 3-day trial, 30-day plan, or 1-year plan (see Fees section below) instead of viewing only free trailers.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, you will need to prepare your Fire TV for this installation of unlisted apps (also called “sideloading”) by following these instructions. This is a simple one-time process that includes installing the free Downloader app and setting proper permissions.
  3. Open Downloader from your Fire TV app menu, enter the URL and select Go. A status popup will show the app connecting and downloading.
  4. Select Install when asked if you want to install the application.
  5. When the screen shows that the app is installed, you can return to your Fire TV home screen where the app will be listed with all of your other apps.

The first time you launch Adult Time on Fire TV, you will be asked whether you want to hide or show five types of porn: Bisexual, Boy Girl, Gay, Lesbian, and Transexual. Whether you accept the default settings or change them, you can always update your preferences by selecting Preferences from the left-side menu on the app’s home screen. Under Settings, you’ll find the option to set a PIN to restrict use of the app.

How to Use Adult Time on Chromecast

We love Roku and Fire TV, but if a website is Chromecast-enabled casting a video from your mobile device to your Chromecast is easier than mirroring. Fortunately, Adult Time is Chromecast-enabled! Just use your mobile device to launch the Adult Time video you want to watch, then press the “cast” button that appears with your video on your mobile device. If you have more than one Chromecast on the same network as your mobile device, you’ll need to select which Chromecast to use. Your video will then immediately play full-screen on your Chromecast-connected TV.

Adult Time Fees

The following special prices are available only when subscribing to Adult Time through this link or the links below.

  • 3 DAY TRIAL – Allows streaming of only the latest scenes for only $1.00, then recurring at $29.95/month unless canceled.
  • 30 DAYS – Full streaming-only access for $14.95 for 30 days, then recurring at $19.95/month.
  • 365 DAYS – Full access with both streaming and downloads (to compatible devices such as a PC) for $89.95/year (that’s only $7.50/month when billed in one payment).
  • 3 YEARS – Full access with both streaming and downloads (to compatible devices such as a PC) for $249.95 (that’s only $6.94/month when billed in one payment).

Fees are current as of April 2022 but subject to change. Visit to verify current rates


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