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Whorecraft provides XXX cosplay content that is billed as an "immersive adult entertainment parody experience." Whorecraft HD is a virtual reality porn service that provides an amazing 3D first-person experience when used with Oculus, Playstation VR, HTC VIVE, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. But you can also watch a number of 2D video clips on the Whorecraft HD Roku channel.

Whorecraft, whether in 2D HD or 3D VR, gives you the opportunity to go on quests in exotic long-ago lands like these:

  • Whoredaron - The once mighty Kingdom of Whoredaron has fallen to Karthas and his Scourge Army. Lady Sylvanus contests his dominion over these lands and the Undead that inhabit them.)
  • Assenvale - These lands are controlled by the Night Elves, but they are under siege by the orcs and their ceaseless logging efforts on their borders. They call for aid from their Human allies.
  • Eldyn Forest - These lands are protected by the armies of Stonewind. Within the relative safety of their borders, the Human population here lives a peaceful existence. But even here, the drums of war echo in the distance.

What happens on the quests? Basically, you get a first-person view of getting sucked and fucked or otherwise interacting with your quest-mate - companions such as Shayla Woodshadow, Lady Sylvanus, and Magistrix Areola. No, this isn't a roleplay fantasy video game - it's porn (cosplay porn, to be exact). But, if you're using one of the compatible devices other than Roku, it's virtual reality porn. On Roku, you'll be limited to a 2D video like the free previews below.

Currently, the Whorecraft HD Roku channel has 24 scenes, including Goldshire Whore, Sexy Stunlock, and The Defeat of Lady Sylvanus. Each scene is a half-hour or more in length, but each one also offers a short preview. If you're hesitant to subscribe to a Roku channel with just only two dozen 30-minute videos, don't be - the channel also includes 1,000 non-cosplay porn videos. They're listed under "Bonus Scenes" but that description is misleading. These aren't short 1- or 2-minute previews; we couldn't sample every single video (although we would love the challenge of trying!), but the videos we did check were 30 minutes to an hour or more in length.

You can browse the full library of scenes from the Roku channel's home screen, but you can narrow down the selections by going to selecting the "menu" option at the top of the home screen and then selecting "browse." This will let you choose from dozens of scene tags - from 69, Amateur, and Anal to Tit Play, Tit Sucking, and Working Out. If you find something you like, the Watch Later option lets you save it for later viewing.

How to get Whorecraft on your Roku

Setting up the Whorecraft HD channel on your Roku is simple:

  1. Click here to visit Whorecraft and sign up for a one-month, three-month, or annual membership. (A monthly HD-only subscription is also available if you don't plan to view any of the videos with a VR device.)
  2. Add the Whorecraft HD private/non-certified Roku channel by clicking here. You may be prompted to log into your Roku account. Alternatively, go to my.roku.com/account/add and use the channel code whorecrafthd.
  3. The channel should show up at the bottom of the list of channels on your Roku's home screen. If it doesn't, from your Roku's Home menu go to Settings >> System >> System update >> Check now. This will force your Roku to immediately download and install the Whorecraft HD channel.
  4. Open Whorecraft HD from your Roku's Home menu (if you just installed it, it will be the last channel listed channel listed). You can either sign in with the username and password you created when you subscribed, or select "Get Roku Linking Code" and follow the instructions on the screen to activate the channel.

Once you've activated the Whorecraft HD channel on your Roku, don't forget to go to Menu >> Settings >> Parental Control Settings to set a PIN to restrict access if you have any children in the house.


  • Yearly Membership - $99.99
  • 3 Month Membership - $39.99
  • Monthly - $19.99
  • Monthly - HD Streaming Only - $14.99

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Fees are current as of August 2018 but subject to change. Visit Whorecraft HD to verify current rates.


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