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If you're looking for free porn on Roku, Pornhub is your best choice. The Pornhub private Roku channel has tens of thousands of free adult videos available in over 80 categories. And if that's not enough, you can get an extra 100,000 full length scenes and DVDs if you upgrade to Pornhub premium.

Pornhub on Roku lets you browse by category. The channel's main menu features the ten most popular porn categories, which currently include MILF, Threesome, Gay, Anal, Bondage, and Lesbian. As stated above, though, videos can be found in over 80 categories, including Big Tits, Bisexual Male, Brazilian, Bukkake, Cartoon, Cumshot, and Double Penetration - and that's just through the D's!

You'll find over 16,000 videos in the Rough Sex category alone, and that's not even the biggest category. To make it easier to browse through Pornhub's huge Roku library, each category is broken down into Recently Featured, Most Viewed, Top Rated, Hottest, Longest, Newest, and Premium.

If you want to jump right into the porn without scrolling through Pornhub's many categories, the channel's main menu offers direct access to Hottest Videos, Most Popular Premium Videos, Recently Featured Videos, and Top Rated Videos. Each of these main menu categories have 16 videos listed, except for Top Rated with 27 videos. The channel even has a search feature, accessible from the top of the main menu, if you want to be specific about what you're looking for.

The Pornhub Roku channel is an offshoot of the Pornhub website, which is billed by Wikipedia as "the largest pornography site on the Internet," but you'll find a few differences. The Roku channel lacks the interactive features of the website, such as the ability to like a video or save videos to your "favorites" list, as well as live cams. Unfortunately, linking your Pornhub Premium account to the Roku channel won't give you access to your favorites, and the channel doesn't offer any parental controls like you'll find on other adult Roku channels such AdultEmpire Unlimited, the most-popular channel in our listings.

Pornhub Subscription Plans

You can watch thousands of videos on the Pornhub Roku channel for free (with ads), with no linking and no registration required. For full access and the best videos, though, you'll need a Pornhub Premium account, which also gives you ad-free viewing. After your 7-day free trial, the following fees will apply:

  • Monthly membership: After your free week trial you will be billed $9.99/month until you cancel
  • Yearly membership: You will be rebilled $95.88/year until you cancel

How to Add and Setup the Pornhub channel on your Roku

Roku doesn't list adult X-rated channels in their channel store. Pornhub is what's called a "private" or "hidden" Roku channel, and you must have the private code (pornhub) to add it to your Roku TV streaming device or Roku TV.

To add Pornhub to your Roku, click here. If you are not already logged into your Roku account, you will be requested to do so. Alternatively, go to and use the channel access code pornhub.

To immediately see the channel on your Roku you will need to go to your Roku's home menu and navigate to Settings > System > System update > Check now; this will force an update to your channel listings. Otherwise, the channel should appear within 24 hours after your Roku performs its automated daily update. The channel will now be the last channel shown under My Channels.

More information on adding private/non-certified Roku channels can be found in our article "Roku Porn - How to Add Hidden Adult Roku Channels."

If you subscribe to Pornhub Premium, you will need to need to link your account to the Roku channel. To do this, launch the Pornhub channel on your Roku and select "Link My Premium Account" from the main menu. A unique code will be displayed on your TV, which you must enter at After doing so, your Roku channel will update within a minute or so, giving you full access to the entire adult video library on the Pornhub Roku channel. (NOTE: The code on your Roku will expire after a few minutes. If the linking code does not work, refresh the channel on your Roku to get a new code.)

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