HotMovies on Roku

HotMovies offers tens of thousands of adult movies on their Roku channel. You can browse 1,500 titles in each of the categories: Recently Added, New Releases, Most Popular, and Featured Movies, but a much larger selection is available under the Browse Movies option. Here you'll find 26 genres, most of which also have 1,500 titles. Genres include Amateur, Anal, Award Winnders, Big Cock, Latina, Masturbation, and many more.

Looking for a specific title? The search feature will help you find it. During browsing and search, select a movie and you'll be given the option to save it for later. Not up for a full-length film? Titles also offer the option to view only select scenes.

Additional features offered by HotMovies include parental controls (set a PIN that must be entered to access the channel) and a discrete channel (see "How to Add HotMovies to your Roku" below).

HotMovies Rates

HotMovies is a pay-per minute service. You purchase a batch of minutes, then minutes are deducted from your account for the time spent watching vidoes. You check the minutes left in your account at any time by selecting Account Information from the channel's main screen. (Note that "premium" movies are deducted at the rate of 1.5 minutes per minute viewed.)

New users can try out HotMovies for free - Sign up here and you'll receive 20 free minutes, plus one free scene, with credit card verification. There is no automatic billing and no need to cancel if you don't want to purchase additional minutes.

If you do decide to purchase, minutes are available in the following packages (rates current as of February 2017 and subject to change):

  • 2300 minutes - $199.95
  • 1000 minutes - $86.95
  • 515 minutes - $49.95
  • 300 minutes - $29.95
  • 200 minutes - $19.95
  • 69 minutes - $9.95

The packages are one-time purchases, but you can also subscribe to a monthly membership. Get 270 minutes per month for only $24.95. This package includes one free scene per month and 40 bonus minutes the first month. If you don't use all your minutes, they roll over to the next month.

How to add HotMovies to your Roku

The HotMovies private Roku channel does not provide access to any content until you've created a HotMovies account and linked your Roku device.

  • After you create a HotMovies account, click here to add the channel to your Roku device (or log into your Roku account at, then select "Add a channel" and enter the code HM01).
  • To get immediate access to the channel, go to your Roku's home screen and select Settings >> System >> System update >> Check now. This will force your Roku to download the HotMovie private channel, which will appear at the end of the channels listed on your Home screen.
  • Open the HotMovies channel on your Roku to obtain a linking code. Then go to and enter the linking code. Linking codes expire after only a minute or two. If the linking code is invalid by the time you enter it, just close HotMovies on your Roku and re-open it to get a new code.

Prefer not to have the HotMovies logo show on your Roku menu? There is a "discrete" channel that is identical to the regular HotMovies channels except that your Roku will show a "Budget and Finances" logo instead of the "HM" logo. The standard logo doesn't exactly scream "PORN" (the "discrete" logo actually sounds a little suspect to me), but click here if you prefer to add that version (or add it through your Roku account with the private channel code HMD01.

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