AEBN Gay Video on Demand

AEBN - Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network - gives you the option to pay by minute watched. The advantage of this model is that you can watch as much or as little of film as you like, but you still have the option to rent the full video if you prefer.

AEBN's library has thousands of full-length films available, many in HD, for streaming through your Roku. You select straight or gay orientation on your first use of the AEBN Roku channel, but can switch orientation at any time through the My Account option within the channel. Within the AEBN adult video library, you can browse through dozens of categories, browse recommended titles, or search for a specific title. You can also select individual scenes, and a free preview is available for every title.

You'll need a free AEBN account to browse through the films and watch the free previews, but no credit card is needed. To watch more then free previews, though, you'll need to have a credit card on file with AEBN. Account holders can also scroll through scenes from entire videos. You don't have to waste your minutes trying to find a specific scene. Just look through the still captures to find the part of the film you want, then play the video from that point.

How to Add and Setup the AEBN Channel on your Roku

  1. Create a free AEBN account.
  2. Add the AEBN channel by clicking here. (You may be prompted to log into your Roku account.)
  3. From your Roku, you will need to check for updates in order to immediately download the channel, otherwise the channel will not be available on your Roku until the device performs its next automatic daily update. From the Roku's home screen, go to Settings > System > System update > Check now. AEBN should then be available at the end of your list of channels.
  4. Select the AEBN channel and note the code shown on your screen.
  5. On your computer, log into your AEBN account, select "link Roku device" and enter the code.
  6. Return to your Roku, and the channel should be ready for viewing!

While you're logged into AEBN on your computer, don't forget to setup a PIN if you want to restrict access to the Roku channel. You can also setup or change parental controls by selecting the My Account option from the AEBN Roku channel home screen.

AEBN Roku Fees:

Minutes are purchased in packages and then deducted from your account as you watch videos. Minutes can be purchased in the following amounts:

1000 Minutes - 84.95
500 Minutes - 49.95
300 Minutes - 29.95
200 Minutes - 19.95
100 Minutes - 11.95
60 Minutes - 8.95
30 Minutes - 5.95
15 Minutes - 3.95

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