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AdultEmpire, whose slogan is BETTER.PORN.NOW!, is the most popular adult Roku private channel in our listings. This Roku porn channel has a mind-blowingly huge library of first-class porn. There are nearly 200,000 videos, including 170,000 scenes and more than 40,000 full-length movies. If that’s not enough, new movies and scenes are added every day of the year!

AdultEmpire Roku Channel Features

AdultEmpire offers a well-thought-out, feature-laden, and user-friendly Roku channel. The home screen gives you access to the options that include the following:

  • My Library – Pay-as-you-go customers can see all of their purchased and rented titles here.
  • Watch Later – As you browse videos, you can add them to your Watch Later list. These videos are listed here.
  • Search – Enter a search term and get suggestions for categories, performers, and specific titles.
  • Browse by Category (165 currently available), Performer (over 7,000 currently available), or Studio (close to 500 represented). A nice feature of the Performer search is that the female stars are listed with head & boob shots to help you select.

The home screen also provides direct access to titles in several different categories. AdultEmpire currently has 165 categories, but features the following on the home screen, with 100 titles per category:

  • Newly Added
  • Trending Movies
  • All Girl
  • Asian
  • Interracial
  • Orgy
  • POV
  • Threesomes
  • Comedies

Video Viewing Options

When you browse the AdultEmpire titles you’ll see listings for full movies. Highlight a video and press the * button on your Roku remote to add it to your Watch Later list (accessible from the channel’s home screen as discussed above) or to view screenshots from the video. If you press OK you’ll find the following options:

  • Watch trailer, if available. If not, you’ll find a short preview clip of the movie.
  • Play using your available minutes if you are not an Unlimited subscriber. Your available minutes are also shown for convenience here.
  • Buy – Purchased titles will be shown in My Library on the channel’s home screen.
  • Rent – Rented titles are available for 2 days in My Library.
  • View Scenes – If you don’t want to watch the full movie, you can watch scenes here. Pay-as-you-go viewers can use available minutes for scenes. Sorry, but you cannot buy or rent scenes.

AdultEmpire Channel Settings

The Settings option on the AdultEmpire Roku channel home screen offers access to several options, including picture stream quality and parental controls.

Stream Quality – If your bandwidth is limited and you don’t want to go over your limit, you can set the stream quality here. If you aren’t worried about exceeding a quota, you can leave this on the default “best quality based on connection.”

Parental Controls – Unfortunately, Roku does not offer native parental controls. Good news – AdultEmpire does! Use this option to set a PIN to prevent minors from accessing any content on this channel. Or use it to keep your freeloading roommates from buying and renting porn on your credit card. (For more information on Roku parental controls, read this article: Saving Your Children from R-Rated Videos: How to Add Parental Controls to Your Roku.

AdultEmpire Payment and Subscription Plans

AdultEmpire offers flexibility in how you consume your porn, with all-you-can-watch subscription plans and pay-as-you-go options.

AdultEmpire Unlimited SubscriptionsAE Unlimited subscribers get unlimited access to the full AdultEmpire Unlimited library on Roku and through their website on computers, tablets, and smart phones. Start off with a 2-day trial for only $2.99, or jump right in with a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription, starting as low as $12.50 per month (see all available plans below).

>>> Enroll in an Unlimited plan here.

Purchase, Rent, or Pay-per-Minute – Not ready for an unlimited subscription? Sign up for a free standard AdultEmpire account, add a credit card, and you can purchase or rent full-length movies, or pay by the minute for movies and scenes. You can purchase and rent movies here and add additional minutes here.

>>> Create a free, no-obligation AdultEmpire account here.

How to Add and Setup the AdultEmpire Channel to your Roku

If you don’t have a free or Unlimited AdultEmpire account, you won’t be able to access any video content – you’ll see a splash screen telling you to visit the AdultEmpire website. Here’s how to access AdultEmpire porn on Roku:

Create an AdultEmpire account. If you only want to browse the library and watch free XXX previews, trailers, and screenshots, create a free AdultEmpire account here. AdultEmpire is currently (April 2016) giving away 15 free minutes to new accounts, no credit card required. Just create a new account and you’ll have 15 minutes for viewing movies and scenes. If you’re a regular porn watcher, enroll in an Unlimited plan
On the fence? Select the 2-day $2.99 trial.

Add AdultEmpire to your Roku. Roku doesn’t list adult X-rated channels in their channel store. AdultEmpire is what’s called a “private” or “hidden” Roku channel, and you must have the private code (ADEUnlimited) to add it to your Roku TV streaming device or Roku TV. To add it, go to and use the channel access code ADEUnlimited. If you are not already logged into your Roku account, you will be requested to do so.

The channel should now be the last channel shown on your Roku’s home screen. If it isn’t, you will need to go to your Roku’s home menu and navigate to Settings > System > System update > Check now to force an update to your channel listings. (For more information on adding private channels, read our article Roku Porn – How to Add Hidden Adult Roku Channels.)

Link your AdultEmpire account to your Roku. Open the AdultEmpire channel on your Roku and you can link to your AdultEmpire channel by logging in with your AdultEmpire user name and password.

If you don’t want to login directly through Roku, you can select the “Get Roku Linking Code” option. Click here, enter the code shown on your Roku, and the AdultEmpire channel will be linked. (The code on your Roku will expire after a few minutes. If the linking code does not work, refresh the channel on your Roku to get a new code.)

AdultEmpire Fees

AdultEmpire Unlimited fees are listed below:

  • 12 months – Single payment of $149.94, billed yearly (Best deal at $12.50/month)
  • 3 months – Single payment of $49.98, billed quarterly ($16.66/month)
  • 1 month – Single payment of $24.99 (See special half-off offer above)
  • 2-day trial offer – Single payment of $2.99. After 2 days, membership renews at monthly rate of $24.99 if not canceled or if another plan is not selected. 2-day trial includes limited content.

The following pay-as-you-go fees include video purchase and rental:

  • Buy – Prices vary, but typical prices are $16.99 for SD, $21.99 – $24.99 for HD
  • Rent for 2 days – Rates vary, but typical rental fees are $3.99 for SD, $5.99 – $11.99 for HD

Minutes can be purchased in the following increments:

  • 15 minutes for $3.99
  • 30 minutes for $6.99
  • 45 minutes for $8.99
  • 60 minutes for $9.99
  • 120 minutes for $16.99
  • 240 minutes for $28.99
  • 360 minutes for $39.99
  • 480 minutes for $48.99
  • 960 minutes for $91.99
  • 2200 minutes for $199.99 + 100 Free Minutes
  • 3900 minutes for $349.99 + 200 Free Minutes
  • 5800 minutes for $499.99 + 300 Free Minutes

All fees are current as of October 2021. Fees are subject to change. Visit the AdultEmpire website to verify current fees.

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