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Original gay porn in both 2D and 3D. Today's hottest porn stars and amateurs, and the reality series So You Think You Can Fuck

Dominic Ford offers hardcore gay porn in full HD and 3D. (More on 3D later in this review.) You

You'll need to subscribe to get full content on your Roku, but non-subscribers can browse available titles. Each video offers an option to play a preview, but some of the videos offer a short Dominic Ford promo video instead of a unique preview.

In addition to listing new releases, the Dominic Ford Roku channel currently offers nearly 300 3D titles and 14 scene collections:

  • Fire Island: House Boy - They all want the job, but how far will they go to get it?
  • Fire Island: Staff House - Workers on Fire Island comete to fuck as many tourists as they can
  • Fire Island: Meat Rack - In the Fire Island Meat Rack, trouble lurks around every corner
  • Sweat Box - In a steamy bath house, anything goes
  • Boyfriends - Real boyfriends having sex on camera
  • Facials - These boys like it on their faces
  • Gym Fuck - Hot boys doing it at the gym
  • Flip Fuck - They aren't content to just bottom or top!
  • Coconut Grove - What goes on at this hotel, goes right onto our site!
  • Body Heat - Hungarian men getting down to business!
  • Sports - Hot scenes inspired by our favorite sports!
  • Best of Topher DiMaggio - Our collection of the hottest movies starring Topher DiMaggio
  • Best of Chris Tyler - Our collection of the hottest movies starring Chris Tyler
  • Best of Alexander Garrett - Our collection of the hottest movies starring Alexander Garrett

In addition to all that, you'll find all five seasons of So You Think You Can Fuck! (SYTYCF). In this reality show, 12 contestants compete over 10 weeks to be America's Favorite Porn Star.

Now, what's that about 3D? Dominic Ford movies is the only gay company shooting 100% of their content in 3D and has been doing so for four years. All of their movies are filmed in 3D using special 3D cameras and equipment, not converted from 2D to 3.

You do NOT need a 3D TV to watch in 3D - any Roku-connected TV will work. When you select "Play", you will be given a choice of formats to watch. Select the anaglyph version, use the glasses Dominic Ford will send you, and you can watch in 3D. If you do have a 3D TV, you can experience the cum-shooting action like you're there in person! You also have the option of watching the movies in a format specifically for 3D TVs. And, of course, all movies can be viewed in 2D, with videos up to full HD-quality, with no glasses required.

Several subscription terms are available from 1 month to 1 year at the following rates. Rates are current as of January 2017 and subject to change; click here for current rates):

1 Year - $99 billed for 365 days. One-time Billing.
6 months - $98.70 billed for 180 days. Recurs Every 180 days.
1 month - $24.95 billed for 30 days. Recurs Every 30 days.

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