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Over 120,000 hot XXX videos, including BANG Originals

BANG offers access to over 120,000 hot XXX videos on nearly any device, including Roku, and you can even download movies on your computer or mobile device for later offline viewing.

At the top of the BANG Roku channel home screen, you'll find several video categories, including New, Trending, and Early Access. Each of these selections will take you an "infinite scroll" page loaded with steaming action-filled videos. Also available are eight categories of BANG Original videos: Glamkore, Confessions, Real Teens, Gonzo, Real MILFs, Japan, Screw the Cops, and Casting. The videos are generally long scenes and compilations. These aren't short videos, though, as the scenes can be an hour or longer in length. Select any video and you'll have the choice to watch it now, add it to your Watch Later and Favorites playlists, or browse additional videos from the current video's actress, studio, or category.

If you want to narrow down your video choices, you can also browse by category and by studio. There are 60 categories to choose from, including Hairy, Double Anal, Gang Bang, POV, Reality Porn, Story Based, and Outdoor. And well over 100 studios are listed if you have any favorites.

You'll find full-length adult movie titles if you scroll down the channel's home screen menu where you'll find a huge large library with titles like "Fuckers, Fighters & Fitness Freaks," "Mighty Meat Sandwich," and "Fuck That Slut." You won't be able to watch full films, but select a title and you can pick from movie scenes. Like the videos in the other categories, these are long videos, not short 3-minute clips.

Also available from the home menu is "Your Library." Here you'll find the videos you tagged for your Watch Later and Favorites playlists.

How to get BANG on your Roku

Setting up the BANG channel on your Roku is simple:

  1. Click here to visit BANG and sign up for a 2-day, monthly, or 6-month subscription
  2. Add the BANG private/non-certified Roku channel by clicking here. You may be prompted to log into your Roku account. Alternatively, go to and use the channel code bang.
  3. The channel should show up at the bottom of the list of channels on your Roku's home screen. If it doesn't, from your Roku's Home menu go to Settings >> System >> System update >> Check now. This will force your Roku to immediately download and install the BANG channel.
  4. Open the BANG channel from your Roku's Home menu (if you just installed it, it will be the last channel listed channel listed) and follow the instructions on the screen to activate the channel.


2 Days - $3.95
Monthly - $29.95
6 Months - Billed $99.95 ($16.95/month)
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