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Unlimited streaming of over 2,300 gay porn videos from Badpuppy and ClubAmateurUSA

Badpuppy TV is the Roku companion to the Badpuppy and ClubAmateurUSA gay porn websites. All three are included in your Badpuppy subscription.

A preview of Badpuppy TV is available through the Badpuppy Lite Roku channel. Install Badpuppy Lite on your Roku using this link, or log into your Roku account at, select the link to "Add channel with code," then enter the code bptv69. You will receive a popup box warning that you are installing a non-certified channel (previously known as a private channel). Accept this warning, then click the "Yes, add channel" button. Badpuppy Lite should now be listed as the last channel on your Roku's home screen.

Badpuppy Lite Preview Channel

The Badpuppy Lite preview channel has over two dozen gay porn videos, nearly half of them in HD. These aren't short teaser clips; videos are full-length, with some running over 30 minutes. No registration is required, just add the channel for full access to the free videos. The videos are available in the following categories:

  • Twinks - "See the 18 to 25 side of Badpuppy."
  • Original - "Action and solo guys produced as original Badpuppy productions"
  • Euro - "The hottest action and solo European guys"
  • Porn - "Porn action duos and solos"

Also available on Badpuppy Lite are several videos from ClubAmateurUSA (CAUS) with "real, self-identifying straight men exploring their natural curiosities on video with Casey Black who introduces the guys to their truly authentic sexual selves for their very first time."

Badpuppy on Roku

If you like the previews, you can subscribe to Badpuppy, which features unlimited streaming of over 2,300 gay porn videos from Badpuppy and ClubAmateurUSA. These videos can be streamed instantly on your television as well as on your computer and mobile devices. Full-access subscribers can also download videos to their computer for later viewing at no additional charge. In addition to the Roku service, full-access Badpuppy members have free access to over 60 additional websites with thousand of photos and videos.

Badpuppy Fees

Subscribe here with the following rates:

  • Streaming Only - $19.95/month (recurring) or $99.95/year (non-recurring)
  • Full Access + Bonus Sites - $29.95/month (recurring) or $149.95/year (non-recurring)
  • 30 Days Non-Recurring - $49.95 one-time charge

Note that the recurring subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

How to Add and Setup the Badpuppy Channel on your Roku

Free content is available only on the Badpuppy Lite channel discussed above. The Badpuppy TV Roku channel has no content until you link your Roku to your Badpuppy account. Here is how to do that.

Subscribe to Badpuppy. subscribe to Badpuppy using this link. Fees are shown above.

Add Badpuppy TV to your Roku. Roku doesn't list adult X-rated channels in their channel store. Badpuppy TV is what's called a "private" or "hidden" Roku channel, and you must have the private code (video69) to add it to your Roku TV streaming device or Roku TV. To add it, go to and use the channel access code video69. If you are not already logged into your Roku account, you will be requested to do so.

The channel should now be the last channel shown on your Roku's home screen. If it isn't, you will need to go to your Roku's home menu and navigate to Settings > System > System update > Check now to force an update to your channel listings. (For more information on adding private channels, read our article Roku Porn - How to Add Hidden Adult Roku Channels.)

Link your Badpuppy account to your Roku. Open the Badpuppy channel on your Roku and you can link to your Badpuppy account following the instructions on your TV screen. You will need to visit from your computer or mobile device and enter the link code shown on your TV along with your Badpuppy username and password. The Roku channel will update automatically.

Free Badpuppy TV Previews

Enjoy the following free preview videos from Badpuppy and CAUSA

Darren Everett is napping when hunky Nick Duncan crawls on top of him and begins rubbing his back. Darren rolls over and the two start passionately kissing and groping each other's crotch. Darren's sporting a bulge growing in his jeans and as soon as their shirts come off Nick shoves his hand down Darren's jeans. Darren soon finds himself naked and Nick slides down to get a little taste of Darren's thick, uncut piece of manhood. Not wanting to pass up his chance, Darren has Nick kneel on the bed and he pulls down Nick's jeans. Nick's uncut cock springs straight up and Darren swallows every last inch of it. Nick lies back on the bed and throws his legs in the air. His ass is fully exposed and Darren wastes no time burying his face and tongue deep into Nick's hole. Darren starts jacking his cock while he's priming Nick's ass. Nick rolls over on all fours, points his ass up and Darren quickly fills Nick's hole with his rock-hard dick. Nick begins pounding away at Darren's ass and Darren grabs his cock and begins stroking. Nick's cock hits that magical spot deep inside Darren's ass and Darren can't hold back anymore. His balls all but disappear as he's stroking his dick and he starts squirting load after load all over the sheets. Darren pulls out and as he jacks himself, he manages to coat Nick's asshole and balls with his creamy white jizz.

Jimmy Fame can't keep his hands off of Nic Sahara during the interview. Before we know it, Jimmy pulls Nic's cock out of his underwear and starts stroking it while Anthony is still talking to Nic. This effectively puts an end to the interview. Nic pulls down his underwear and Jimmy swallows the whole of Nic's thick, uncut cock. Nic gets in a good face-fucking before turning Jimmy around and burying his face in Jimmy's ass. He works Jimmy's hole with his tongue, probing and priming it, getting it ready for his already rock-hard dick. Nic pushes slowly at first and Jimmy winces as he gets used to Nic's girth. Jimmy finally tells him to "go deep" and Nic obliges. He begins power-fucking Jimmy's ass and Jimmy's huge uncut cock is excitedly swinging back and forth with each thrust. Nic lies back on the bed and Jimmy climbs on top. He mounts Nic's cock and sits down on it. Nic goes back to power-fucking Jimmy from below and from the loud moans coming out of Jimmy's mouth it's obvious he's enjoying getting his hole plowed. Nic rolls Jimmy over, throws his legs back and shoves his cock back into Jimmy's ass. Nic pulls out before he comes, rolls over on the bed and blows his load all over his abs. Jimmy leans over and licks Nic's cock clean of any remaining jizz. Nic pushes Jimmy back into the pillows and goes to work blowing Jimmy's huge piece of meat. It's not long before Jimmy's loudly telling Nic that he's going to cum. He blows his load into Nic's mouth and when Jimmy finishes convulsing from the orgasm Nic slowly spits the cum onto Jimmy's cock, letting it ooze down his long, thick shaft.

Camden | 1 of 2 | 19 | 5'07" | 160# | 6.0" | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight and Sexploring

Camden is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, inside an anomaly, wrapped in a mystery, and I don't know quite what to make of it — other than to say what his conscious self may be telling him, Camden's concrete-hard cock tells us, at least, two diffent & distinct stories. When I talk about the conundrum that is Camden, it's in reference to the narrative that he's constructed in his head in terms of "I'm straight," and "I'm only doing this for the money." That's all well & good, but at the end of the day, Starbucks, McDonald's, & a myriad of other service-industry businesses are *always* hiring. Always. If at the point that Camden placed a talent ad on SexyJobs & quickly discovered that very little comp for straight content gets distributed to the male participants, it's a bit of a leap if you're tightly clutching onto your heterosexual identity that family, friends, & society, writ large, have imposed upon you, to then decide, "What the hell, I'll do gay-for-pay."